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UIM/X 3.1.7

The Premier Client/Server Application Development Tool Now Available on Linux

UIM/X(TM) is a X/MOTIF Graphical User Interface (GUI) Builder, edited by Bluestone Consulting (USA). It enhances productivity by enabling you to interactively create, modify, test and generate code for your applications. In addition, UIM/X can create interfaces for existing keyboard-oriented applications. Using UIM/X software, you can literally save man-years of effort and investment in creating applications. To view the supported platforms and system requirements, click here. The UIM/X Convenience Library Source package enables you to quickly port your UIM/X-generated applications to any UNIX platform which supports X11R5 and Motif 1.2/CDE 1.0. The package consists of source code for the Ux Convenience Library, along with makefiles for the most popular UNIX platforms, so porting your applications is now easier than ever.

UIM/X 3.0 is a major functional upgrade to UIM/X. It preserves all the productivity-enhancing features inherent to UIM/X, but also includes several new editors and ease-of-use enhancements, and, most importantly, an embedded C++ interpreter. UIM/X 3.0's C++ features enable developers to work entirely in C++ or C, or to mix and match the two languages. This allows users to make the transition from C to C++ at their own pace. In this way, UIM/X ensures that previous investment in GUI development is leveraged to the greatest extent possible.

UIM/X 3.1 is a new version running on Solaris 2.9 and on Linux ( tested on Red Hat, Suse and other versions with MOTIF 2).

Technology Overview

UIM/X is the market-leading Graphical User Interface builder for CDE/Motif. Over its 10 years history, UIM/X has evolved from the first and most robust tool of its kind to the de facto standard by which other GUI development tools are measured. With UIM/X 3.1, available on Linux, Bluestone Consulting is fulfilling its mission to bring the benefits of powerful GUI technology to the PC user base. UIM/X includes significant ease-of-use enhancements, and, most importantly, an embedded C++ interpreter. With these enhancements, UIM/X 3.0 not only caters to the C++ developer, but extends UIM/X's reach to a whole new class of users. The many ease of use enhancements, both in Novice Mode and in standard UIM/X, make it possible for non-programmers - such as UI prototypers and HI designers - to rapidly create fully functioning applications that are both production-quality and scalable.

A wysiwyg editor with embedded C++ interpreter

UIM/X's embedded C++ interpreter makes an iterative design process possible, where developers can create, modify and test their C++ user interface classes with the underlying application connected and running - and without having to compile the interface code. They have on-line access to their own compiled functions and classes, as well as to an optional library of C++ convenience classes. This drastically reduces maintenance and life cycle costs since source code never needs to be modified as developers prototype interface behaviour.

UIM/X 3.0 is fully integrated with release 1.0 of the CDE/Motif toolkit. Developers use a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor to choose graphically from any of the Motif Widgets (i.e.. pushButtons, scrollBars, pop up menus, etc.) and draw their interfaces. A wide variety of graphical editors make the visual development process complete, providing a consistent, drag-and-drop metaphor for creating C++ classes, portable GUI objects and their associated behaviour. In addition, UIM/X 3.0 enables developers to add non-visual behaviour and application-level objects to the palette, where they can be manipulated graphically in the new Connection Editor. In this way, developers are no longer limited to specifying GUI behaviour in UIM/X, but can work with application logic directly from the palette, tie it to the GUI portion, then modify, test and run it all from within the tool. This makes it possible to build fully functioning applications more quickly than ever before!


UIM/X 3.0 - in conjunction with PTE (Cross-Platform Toolset) - generates high performance C or C++ code, Microsoft Windows and Java code, as well as pure Motif and UIL. In addition, third-party add-ons offer code generation support for db stored procedures, View.h++ and ADA (among others).

Builder Engine

UIM/X's object-oriented architecture consists of the core GUI Builder Engine - the popular foundation technology that forms the basis of UIM/X's programmability. The Builder Engine makes it possible to configure UIM/X to meet the GUI needs of everyone in a corporation-from corporate standards bodies that create GUI style guidelines, through application experts (i.e. non-Motif experts) who want to build or prototype custom software, to individuals who want to customise the applications they use.

Software developers, resellers and systems integrators are able to create - and resell/redistribute - a GUI builder specifically customised for their application or vertical market needs. Today, over 30 vendors use the Builder Engine as the basis for their custom solutions, making UIM/X the most widely used GUI technology in the world.