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CLIENT-VISION was founded in 2004 by Olivier FAURE and 3 other associates. Prior to founding the company, Olivier FAURE spent 7 years in a research department at TOTAL, major french petroleum company, where he was involved in databases and CAD software developments and 18 years in an ISV company. He graduated from an engineer school, the "Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics" in Paris, in civil works engineering, and from "Université Pierre & Marie Curie" in computer sciences.

CLIENT-VISION is a privatly owned company, based in Rueil-Malmaison, close to Paris -La Défense.

Business description

CLIENT-VISION is a specialized solution provider, dedicated to Enterprise Management Solutions.  CLIENT-VISION is dedicated to helping industries and organisations improve their business results by moving to network based, interoperable systems. CLIENT-VISION supports customers by delivering quality information technology services and products, specialized in applications interoperability, Application Servers, and intranet/extranet.

CLIENT-VISION provides advanced technology services, consulting and enterprise solutions, including systems architectures, applications integration, implementation, and management. Furthermore, CLIENT-VISION offers a range of services based on software packages of leading companies.


CLIENT-VISION has signed distribution agreements with UIM/X software editor : Bluestone Consulting (USA) and software development partnership with STILOG-IST, a french IT service company, and several partners specializing into offshore software development for US or western Europe companies.

Geographical range

France and french speaking parts of Belgium and Switzerland

Italy and Spain, Romania

Foreign language resources within company

French, English, Spanish, Italian and German.

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