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Client-Vision was founded to provide Enterprises with softwares that make the improvement of their organisation challenging, engaging and easy. Every manager has the innate desire to improve the enterprise processes. Client-Vision strives to strengthen this creative force by producing or distributing quality products that immediatly improve the organisation efficiency and productivity.

The Client-Vision approach in selling a solution consists in evaluating our customers needs, proposing the appropriated solution, and implementing it. We believe a good solution takes place through interaction this our customers. We provide consulting, training, support and additionnal developments to our customers wishing to get the best possible experience with our products.We carefully choose our products in Europe or USA. Quality and Innovation.. These are the core values that represent Client-Vision as a brand and as a company.


visual planner


VISUAL-PLANNING is an easy to use ressource and activity management tool.Visual Planning is a general purpose ressources planning software which can easily been customized to meet the needs of any organisation whatever your activity is.

Visual-Planning is edited by Stilog I.S.T, France.

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sync outlook and visual planning

VPsynchro for Outlook is a professional integration software for data communication between Visual-Planning and MS Outlook. It has been developed over the last 2 years to meet the specific needs of the Visual-Planning users. Easy to use, yet powerful, it helps all types and sizes of organisations to keep project managers in touch with remote staff, communicate with them on tasks to execute, or status of executed tasks. VPsynchro works on any Windows platform starting from Windows 2000 to Vista, and communicate in both direction ( import and export of events) with Outlook (all versions from 2000 to 2007)

VPsynchro is edited by Client-vision SARL. More information...



Network timeClock
VPtimeClock is a web based timeclock using no specific hardware device, dedicated to organizations which look for an easy to deploy system, secured connections thru internet, and powerfull management tools.

Visual-planning is used to graphicaly manage the absences and work shifts of the employees. PDF reports can easily been edited by the managers on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

VPtimeClock works on any Windows platform starting from Windows 2000 to win7, and communicates with Outlook (all versions from 2000 to 2007) using Outlook and Visual-planning synchronization

VPtimeClock is edited by Client-vision SARL. More information...